Private Psychiatrist Clinical Practice for Sale – Christchurch, New Zealand AR-058

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:  AR-058

Private Psychiatrist Clinical Practice for Sale – Christchurch, New Zealand AR-058

:  Christchurch
:  New Zealand
:  Psychiatry
Job Type
:  Permanent Full-Time
:  No
:  NZ$300,000-500,000 per annum
Start Date
:  on or before 1 December 2017

We have a truly unique and unusual opportunity for a Psychiatrist with at least five to 10 years’ experience working with adults to buy an existing private, clinical practice in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The successful applicant will purchase the practice that comes with two senior staff members who know the ins and outs of the practice from top to bottom, including the clients, government agency and GP referrals’ network, billing systems and so much more.  The current Psychiatrist owner and staff would be more than happy to speak with you about the practice and share ideas on how to grow the business.  Current owner intends to retire by the end of 2017.

Current Psychiatrist is interested in ADHD as a subspecialty but has treated adults for various diagnoses including anxiety, depression and other ailments.  Many of his clients have been with him for many years.

Realistic income potential is NZ$300,000 to 500,000 per year with relatively modest overheads,  You would want to update the business and marketing plans, making others aware of you, your services and what you and the clinic have to offer.

This type of opportunity is uniquely suited to a Consultant or Specialist Psychiatrist whom has a lot of experience with either the New Zealand or Australian mental health system and is a NZ or Australian citizen or permanent resident.

Christchurch, in the photo above with the Southern Alps in the background, is well positioned to offer an excellent lifestyle, especially for those who enjoy the outdoors, good schools, reasonable cost of living and friendly people as we become New Zealand’s most livable city.

This amazing opportunity ticks all the boxes for a rich, satisfying, personal life that includes:

  • Kiwi Lifestyle;
  • Good work/life balance;
  • Beautiful outdoors;
  • Medium sized city;
  • Good schools;
  • Reasonable cost of housing;
  • World class infrastructure underway;
  • Progressive city leadership;
  • Millions invested into cycleways now under construction;
  • Outstanding mountain and road biking trails in the Port Hills as per the photo;
  • Lovely parks;
  • Family friendly neighbourhoods;
  • Museums;
  • Home to our annual TEDx Christchurch, all day, community based forum; and
  • So much more that the world is your oyster with this opportunity

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