AR-123 New Zealand Forensic Anatomical & Breast Pathologists Wanted! – Full-Time, Part-Time, Locum Tenens, 12 months or Longer

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:  AR-123

AR-123 New Zealand Forensic Anatomical & Breast Pathologists Wanted! – Full-Time, Part-Time, Locum Tenens, 12 months or Longer

:  Christchurch
:  New Zealand
:  Forensic Pathologist Pathology
Job Type
:  Full-Time Part-Time Locum or Permanent
:  Yes
:  DOE
Start Date
:  Negotiable

Dear Doctor

If you are currently board certified in Pathology and open to exploring an exciting opportunity in Christchurch, New Zealand, then I would like to hear from you.

Our Kiwi Ethos

Have a look at what our 38 year old Prime Minister had to say on September 27 New York Time in front of the UN General Assembly!—jacinda-arderns-message-to-donald-trump-and-the-world


Christchurch is a city of around 380,000, our second largest city and gateway to our Southern Alps and a plethora of outdoor activities available to those who are lucky enough to live on the South Island.  Christchurch is known as the Garden City for its many beautiful parks and flowers


This employer is a global leader in delivering integrated health care solutions while always striving to make it better for their clients serving 600,000 New Zealanders in the Christchurch and Canterbury provincial region.  To put their communities at the centre of their health system they are putting their own people at the centre of everything that they do.  Taking care of others and respecting them while taking responsibility for delivering outcomes requires working with integrity as well as a passionate commitment to the well-being of others.  What matters to this hospital is doing the right thing, valuing everyone, being and staying well ourselves so that they can care for their community.

Hours and Length of Commitment

There is quite a lot of flexibility for the successful candidate in that the Doctor may choose to work full-time, ie 1.0FTE, part-time, three months as a locum tenens or permanently if you wish?

You will be offered flexible working arrangements, heaps of independence with a genuine, ongoing focus on your career development.

Role includes:

  • Play a crucial role in supporting the families of deceased through your expert service to coroners, NZ police and courts;
  • Be supported by a modern, well equipped mortuary facility with enthusiastic and skilled, technical workforce;
  • Work alongside 3-4 other Pathologists who undertake and supervise autopsy examinations of sudden, unexplained or unexpected deaths for coroners;
  • Liaise with NZ Police and Crown prosecution services regarding suspicious deaths;
  • Serve a population of 1.2M;
  • 800-900 cases per annum;
  • Provide expert advice to coroners, families, courts and other medical staff;
  • Work closely alongside Anatomical Pathology Department with access to a full range of diagnostics support services available in this large, tertiary hospital campus that includes histopathology, microbiology, genetics, biochemistry, haematology laboratories and radiology services;
  • Teach to support the future workforce with the anticipation that a RCPA registrar/resident full-time position will be created within the service someone in 2019;
  • Have access to research and undergraduate and/or graduate teaching opportunities that are encouraged;

Essential Competencies Include:

  • Board certified in Pathology;
  • Previous training, qualification and experience in forensic pathology are all essential;
  • Interest in upskilling yourself in areas of paediatric forensic pathology and/or trauma neuropathology are advantageous;
  • Desire to teach a junior level Pathologist;
  • Hold a FRCPA qualification and/or an international equivalent;
  • Competent to undertake forensic/coronial post mortems;
  • Interested in joining a Forensic Pathology and Mortuary Service based in Christchurch;
  • Must be eligible for your provisional, vocational registration (VOC3) in Pathology that is valid indefinitely with no time limit; or locum tenens registration that is valid for 12 months:
  • Got to be a strong team player who puts your clients and their whanau or extended family first and at the centre of everything you do;
  • Must have a lovely personality with a smashing sense of humour!;
  • Full driver’s license;
  • Computer literacy;
  • Able to meet Immigration New Zealand’s health, police background check and other requirements for a work visa; and
  • Able and willing to commit at least three months.

Benefits package

  • 6 weeks annual leave per annum;
  • 11 paid public holidays per annum;
  • 10 paid CME days per annum for a total of 51 paid days off from work;
  • $16,000 for CME per year;
  • $15,000 relocation if you commit at least two years;
  • Reimbursement of indemnity insurance, registration fees and college membership;
  • May be eligible for up to 6% matching employer contribution to government actuary approved superannuation scheme; and
  • Up to 30 paid sick days a year.

Why New Zealand

  1. People are lovely;
  2. You won’t be pressured to read more scans than you have time to do so;
  3. Sane politics;
  4. Work here is much less stressful than in the US, UK and many other countries;
  5. Great place to live and work if you are towards the end of your career and looking for an adventure for 2-3 years;
  6. Excellent place to raise children with a good public, school system;
  7. Our highly coveted, sought after, world class Kiwi Lifestyle; and
  8. See the enclosed brochure. Our Kiwi Lifestyle offers the best work/life balance in the world and we intend to keep it that way!


Either the hospital or I would totally handle your registration application process.


Depends on many years’ post BC experience that you have.  All figures below are in NZD and are for base salary only.  You may be eligible for up to $35,000 additional compensation per annum depending on various allowances, eg being on-call, etc.  Trust me.  This is a lot of money for New Zealand.   Unless you have a lot of financial debt to pay off where you now live you ought to be able to afford a very good standard of living here.

Step Current






15 240,000
14 230,000 233,500
13 216,500 219,000 223,500 227,500
12 208,000 212,000 216,500 221,000
11 201,000 205,000 209,000 213,500
10 196,000 200,000 204,000 208,000
9 191,000 194,820 198,716 202,691
8 186,000 189,720 193,514 197,385
7 181,000 184,620 188,312 192,079
6 176,000 179,520 183,110 186,773
5 171,000 174,420 177,908 181,467
4 166,000 169,320 172,706 176,161
3 161,000 164,220 167,504 170,854
2 156,000 159,120 162,302 165,548
1 152,000 155,040 158,141 161,304


Would you like to have a no-pressure, informational chat with me about the entire process from medical registration, to interviewing for a job, work visa and any other questions that you may have?

New Zealand, our beautiful country, friendly people and sane politics are closer than you think!

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