AR-189 Registered Nurse – Crisis worker – Acute Care Team – New zealand

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:  AR-189

AR-189 Registered Nurse – Crisis worker – Acute Care Team – New zealand

:  Whakatane
:  New Zealand
:  Mental Health Psychiatric Nurse Nurses
Job Type
:  Permanent Full-Time
:  Yes, perhaps a little
Start Date
:  Negotiable

Primary Purpose of this Role
The role of Registered Nurse Consultation Liaison Psychiatry is an integration of two functions, Intake and Liaison Psychiatry. The Intake role involves receiving, triaging and assessing referrals and coordinating further referrals or allocations as required. The Liaison role will provide assessment, intervention, support, referral and discharge planning for individuals who are receiving treatment from ED/general hospital with co- current physical and mental health needs. It will provide advice, liaison and education to general hospital staff regarding mental health issues.

The Registered Nurse- Intake and Liaison Psychiatry will provide safe, effective client care using professional knowledge and skills in accordance with the Bay of Plenty District Health Board:
• Policies and protocols
• Professional scopes of practice
• Professional Practice Standards

Principal Accountabilities
1. Management of Nursing Care
• Undertakes comprehensive and accurate nursing triage, assessment and risk assessment of clients using appropriate assessment tools underpinned by evidenced based knowledge, documents and reports
• Client assessments are completed within a safe, effective and timely manner utilising the nursing process to assess, plan, implement and evaluate care.
• The principles and practice of partnership are incorporated in all facets of assessment and care planning, involving clients and family and demonstrates an understanding of client’s rights to make informed decisions. This involves education, advice and support to general hospital staff in the care planning for individuals and groups, as well as family and other carers as appropriate.
• Fully involves clients and families/whanau in all aspects of the treatment process and ensures the client is provided with appropriate information to make informed decisions relating to treatment, and care reflects clients preferences
• Recovery principles are utilised and incorporated into all treatment planning in conjunction with the client and or family/whanau and health care team.
• Client care is implemented in a safe, effective and timely manner. Provides nursing care according to plan and undertakes clinical practice procedures and skills in a competent and safe way
• Able to discuss ethical issues related to areas of practice with clients/families and the health care team.
• Takes appropriate nursing actions in emergency situations and other situations that compromise client safety
• Evaluates client’s progress toward expected outcomes, including treatments and health education, in collaboration with the client/family and the health care team.
• Recognises the potential for health teaching in nursing interventions and actively seeks for opportunities to provide information on mental health issues, legislation, symptoms, treatments, and related aspects,
• Evaluates client-learning needs and incorporates teaching into client treatment plans.
• Ensures the client has adequate knowledge of the effects and consequences of treatment options.
• Participates in evaluation of severity and effectiveness of nursing care using appropriate tools.
• Contributes to the support, direction and teaching of colleagues to enhance professional development including providing education to primary health and NGO health partners and general hospital staff relating to mental health issues
• Ensures documentation meets professional and organisational standards. Is current, accurate, and timely and maintains confidentiality within a legal and ethical framework
• Demonstrates computer skills necessary to access and document electronic information and documentation as required.
Registered Nurse- Consultation Liaison Psychiatry Nurse/Midwife Recruiter
• Statistical information are provided according to national and organisational expectations

2. Ethical, Legal and Professional Responsibility
• Practises safely based on professional, ethical and legal standards in accord with relevant legislation, codes, and policies and upholds client rights
• Is aware of legislation that impacts on mental health care delivery and practices within legal boundaries. This includes, but is not limited to the Mental Health (Compulsory Assessment and Treatment) Act 1992, the Privacy Act 1993 (Health Information Privacy Code 1994) and the Health and Disability Act., as well as Health and Safety Act
• Own professional conduct and nursing practice is consistent with the NZCMHN’s standards of practice.
• Demonstrates commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi, the application of the treaty to practice, the improvement of Maori health status and its application within Mental Health and the importance of Tangata Whanau.
• Consultation occurs with Maori Health Gains and Development in relation to client care as appropriate.
• Practises nursing in a manner that the client determines as culturally safe
• Demonstrates a flexible approach and ability to cope with changing situations. Plans and priorities workload and adapts as necessary
• Promotes and environment that enables client safety, independence, quality of life , and health
• Takes responsibility for maintaining own professional developments, including mandatory organisational certifications, attends and participates in the Mental Health Service in-service programme. Updating knowledge to reflect best practice, and shares knowledge with others
• Evaluates environmental safety, completes hazard identification and risk assessments
• Proactive and responsible in maintaining health and safety for clients, staff and public
• Maintains infection control principles
• Actively engages in and effectively utilises clinical supervision and offers/provides this to clinical staff within the Mental Health Service as appropriate and as per the Mental Health Service Clinical Supervision Policy.
• Participates in regular Performance Reviews and contributes to peer reviews.
• Maintains a professional portfolio

3: Interpersonal Relationships
• Is effective in initiating, engaging and maintaining professional therapeutic interpersonal relationships with clients and their families.
• Communicates effectively, positively and courteously with clients, family/whanau and the health care team.
• Effectively utilises clear professional and organisational lines of communication and demonstrates professional and individual accountability for practice
• Demonstrates awareness of own cultural background, attitudes and values
• Practises nursing in partnership with the client acknowledging family/whanau perspectives and supports their participation in services.
• Cultural and spiritual needs of clients are met with sensitivity, including those of family/Whanau and significant others.
• Resolves problems and conflicts, effectively using organisational structures and processes. and actively works to reach a positive resolution

4: Inter-professi
onal Health Care and Quality Improvement.
• Recognises and values the roles and skills of all members of the health care team in the delivery of care and is confident in verbalising their own specific contribution and position as part of a multidisciplinary team
• Works effectively as a team player who demonstrates the value of “All one team”
• Readily available to hospital staff members, the public and health partners in the community to discuss and advise on mental health issues for clients.
• Collaborates and co-ordinates care with other health professionals to ensure a client centred quality service is delivered.
• Maintains and documents information necessary for continuity of care and recovery
• Develops a discharge plan and follow up care in consultation with the client, family and other health team members
• Establishes and maintains relationships and networks with other health professionals, agencies and community groups that are involved with clients who are referred to the service.
• Demonstrates ability to work alongside various independent teams in the general hospital, in the community and in mental health settings.
• Demonstrates a knowledge of community services and resources
• Participates in continual quality improvement activities to monitor and improve standards of nursing
• Participates in review and audit of practice and policies based on research

This employer provides a 24-hour service. This may at times necessitate you being required to change duties or transfer to another ward or department to ensure adequate coverage.
This position description is not exhaustive and the incumbent may be requested to perform any reasonable task within the scope of the position as requested by the Line Manager
This position description will be reviewed from time to time in consultation with the incumbent.

Key Relationships
• Nurse Leader MH&AS
• Nurse Educator
• MH&AS inpatient & CMH staff
• Mental Health and Addiction Service Departments
• Infant, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services and Maternal Mental health Services
• Allied Health
• Clients, Families/Whanau and caregivers
• Medical Staff
• Maori Health Gains and Development
• Specialty Nurses
• Community and statutory agencies
• Non-government agencies and Primary Health Care organisations
• Consumer/Family/Whanau Advisor

CARE Values – Manaakitanga Who am I ?
Experience – What have I done?
• Caring, empathetic, compassionate
• Respectful, polite and non-judgemental
• Able to build a rapport, actively listen to patients, show understanding and be responsive to make a difference
• An effective communicator, work as a team member, professional, calm, willing and patient focused
• Share knowledge, develop self and others, will speak up about practice issues and give/receive constructive feedback
• Involve the team/ patients/ families in decisions
• Self-aware, consistent, confident, flexible, pay attention to detail and plan ahead
• Commitment to excellence
• Can-do-attitude, is flexible, seeks solutions and willing to do things differently
• Professional conduct , personal integrity and maintains high professional standards, does their best, aware of own limitations and coaches others
• Respect for privacy and confidentiality
• Demonstrated clinical skills in engagement, de-escalation, conflict resolution and problem solving.
• Demonstrated commitment to Treaty of Waitangi
• Demonstrated extensive experience of Mental Health and addiction issues
• Experience of working in teams and knowledge of how teams work and exhibits willingness/ability to teach/share expertise within the team
• Extensive local knowledge of networks and of the community
• Experience in assessments and risk assessments

Competencies – What am I capable of?
Knowledge – What do I know?
• Confident practitioner with emotional intelligence and ability to make sound clinical decisions
• Flexible, adaptable and embrace change
• Well-developed problem solving and critical thinking skills
• Knowledge and understanding of research findings to support evidence based practice
• Has well-developed written and verbal communication skills
• Committed to providing a culturally safe environment for clients and whanau
• Have the ability to prioritise a varied workload
• Registered Nurse (Scope of Practice includes Mental Health) with current practising certificate
• Post-graduate qualification with an mental health focus
• Demonstrate a commitment to post- graduate study and professional development
• Knowledge of Tikanga and Te Reo
• Competent in comprehensive assessment, risk assessment and the use of mental status examination and problem formulation across the ages and in various settings
• Professional portfolio
• Computer competent
• Current valid Driving Licence

You agree to demonstrate flexibility and a willingness to perform a variety of tasks to promote and support BOPDHB initiatives.
You are required to meet the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 requirements as set out in the BOPDHB Health and Safety policies and protocols. This includes completing successfully any health and safety training provided by the BOPDHB.
You are required to maintain a standard of health which will allow for the performance of all duties and functions of the position. All BOPDHB sites are smokefree environments.
Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003
1. You are required to maintain your current competency based practicing certificate.
2. You must notify your Manager of any changes to scope or conditions on practice (determined by Regulatory Authority).
3. You must complete the requirements of any competency programme.
4. You must notify your employer of concerns relating to the risk of harm to the public of another health practitioner practicing below the required standard of competence.
5. Know the provisions of the HPCA Act as the governing legislation.
Vulnerable Children Act 2014
Due to this position having contact with children and the BOPDHB’s commitment to child protection, you will be subject to ‘safety checks’ under the Vulnerable Children Act at the time of hire and thereafter as per the relevant legislation.

Photograph is of Tauranga, a city larger than Whakatane, also on the scenic Bay of Plenty.

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