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:  #05-75


:  Invercargill
:  New Zealand
:  Clinical Psychology

primary requirements

  1. 1. Masters and PhD. In Psychology.
  2. 2. Must have completed at least five years of post-supervisory hands on community mental health service.
  3. 3. Possess a current, valid and clean driver’s licence.
  4. 4. Possess good assessment skills, sound knowledge of intervention options and the ability to implement these as a key worker.
  5. 5. Commitment to supervisory processes and audit.
  6. 6. Demonstrate a readiness to consult colleagues and be able to recognise limits of own competence and experience.
  7. 7. Registration with the NZ Psychologists Registration Board as a NZ clinical psychologist or has received a favourable outcome from the NZ Psychologists Registration Board non-binding initial assessment.
  8. 8. Current Practicing Certificate in your current country of residence.
  9. 9. Prior team lead and/or supervisory experience in a MH role.
  10. 10. Previous experience working in a multi disciplinary team desired.
  11. 11. Experience in the strategic and/or business planning and administrative management of a health service.
  12. 12. Possess a strong personal identity with an understanding of the importance of community mental health services.
  13. 13. Have a passion for improving the mental health status of clients.
  14. 14. Possess a strong focus on continuous quality improvement both personally and professionally.
  15. 15. Commitment towards ongoing education and professional development for self.
  16. 16. Effective communication skills, both verbal and written.
  17. 17. Good computer skills.
  18. 18. Good problem solving skills.
  19. 19. Ability to prioritise activities.
  20. 20. Effective interpersonal skills.
  21. 21. Ability to work as part of a team.
  22. 22. Ability to manage stress.
  23. 23. Sense of humour.
  24. 24. Able and willing to commit at least two years to our client.
  25. 25. Able and willing to apply for NZ residency with the intention of immigrating to NZ long term highly desired.

primary duties

  1. 1. Function autonomously and work collaboratively with others involved in service delivery to ensure the best outcome for the consumer/service.
  2. 2. Work within recognised roles, functions and parameters of the relevant profession and individual skills.
  3. 3. Manage workload, complete tasks and meet responsibilities in a timely and goal directed manner.
  4. 4. Use the relevant professional framework to assess, plan, implement and document treatment/support with the consumer/family and support network.
  5. 5. Evaluate the effectiveness of treatment.
  6. 6. Be able to provide a range of therapeutic treatments.
  7. 7. The clinician has comprehensive knowledge of:
  8. 8. Contemporary and diverse knowledge of mental illness/alcohol and drug addition.
  9. 9. Clinically safe and researched treatments utilised.
  10. 10. Community services and resources.
  11. 11. Recovery models, and supports the consumer to access these.
  12. 12. Complies with the Health Practitioners Competency Act 2004.
  13. 13. Complies with Psychology Code of Ethics.
  14. 14. Be part of relevant professional body.
  15. 15. Complies with relevant legislation ie. Mental Health Act (1992), Privacy Act (1993), Health and Disability Services Act (1993).
  16. 16. Complies with Health and Safety procedures (eg First Aid, CPR, Fire Safety).
  17. 17. Uses clinical reasoning to make and justify decisions and seek supervision of these.
  18. 18. Accepts responsibility for own actions and invites feedback in relation to these.
  19. 19. Protects consumers rights.
  20. 20. Ensures the appropriate people/agencies are notified when unethical unsafe practices are noted.
  21. 21. Has self-awareness of effectiveness of own communication skills and develops accordingly.
  22. 22. Adapts style and method of communication to suit context.
  23. 23. Develops effective co-operative and respectful relationships.
  24. 24. Documents to Mental Health Service standards.
  25. 25. Identifies own professional abilities and attitudes, strengths and limitations and awareness of learning needs.
  26. 26. Identifies opportunities to further education, set goals, utilise resources within the organisation/outside your organisation.
  27. 27. Accesses information and support to gain further education, skills and knowledge to ensure your continuing competence.
  28. 28. Utilises opportunities for mentoring or being mentored within your service in relation to career development.
  29. 29. Maintains professional links by participating in professional meetings, study days and course/conferences.
  30. 30. Participates in supervision (reflective practice) which adheres to Mental Health Service policy and professional guidelines.
  31. 31. Actively participates in review processes, quality improvement and research into professional development.
  32. 32. Identifies significant cultural values, beliefs, attitudes and prejudices and understand their potential impact.
  33. 33. Responds appropriately in situations where cultural difference may be an issue ie including involving cultural advisors.
  34. 34. Understands and actions Treaty of Waitangi partnership responsibilities.
  35. 35. Works within the Southland District Health Board and Mental Health Services policies and procedures.
  36. 36. Meets the organisation accountability and outcome requirements.
  37. 37. Contributes to organisational and clinical reviews.

other notes

  1. Mental Health Mission Statement

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