Corrections Clinical Psychologist Vacancies – Christchurch and Auckland New Zealand AR-108

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:  AR-108

Corrections Clinical Psychologist Vacancies – Christchurch and Auckland New Zealand AR-108

:  Auckland,Christchurch
:  Clinical Psychology
Job Type
:  Permanent Full-Time
:  Yes
Start Date
:  90 days after offer acceptance

I have several clinical psychologist (CP) vacancies to fill that are with our Department of Corrections.


These vacancies include:


  1. One CP to work at Christchurch Men’s prison;
  2. One CP to work at Auckland’s Men’s prison; and
  3. Two CPs for South Auckland Support Office, ie not based at the prison.


Title:                      Clinical Psychologist

Location:               Auckland and Christchurch

Job Type:               Permanent, Direct Hire with two years’ minimum commitment required

Benefits:                Four weeks’ paid annual leave, 11 paid public holidays, money and time for CE

Start Date:             Within three to six months after job offer acceptance

Experience:           At least five years or more post license experience

Pay:                        Approximately NZ$90,000 for around five years and NZ$100,000 for around ten years’ experience
Registration:         Must be eligible to receive your NZ Psychologist registration with clinical scope that I will help you assess and obtain

Work Visa:            Must meet the health standard and background checks along with other requirements for a work visa

Relocation:           Yes, there may be some relocation help of up to $3,000-5,000 for overseas candidates

Background:  You would be part of a newly created multi-disciplinary team (MDT) before working with mental health nurses, occupational therapist, cultural support worker and a social worker which is a new concept for Corrections.  In the past Corrections has had CPs working with other CPs but not part of a MDT.  This is your opportunity to implement, influence and refine a new model of care transforming intervention and support for prisoners vulnerable to self-harm and suicide.  New Zealand and international literature has established that prisoners have greater mental health needs than the general population and have a greater risk of self-harm and suicide.

Goal:  Corrections devotes significant time and resources into caring for their prisoners and alongside the significant recent investments in mental health services for prisoners, they have identified an opportunity to take a more holistic and long-term approach to improve the well-being of their prisoners.

How:  Consequently, Corrections has developed a new, prison-wide model of care to transform how intervention works on the behalf of the prisoners that will be responsive, flexible and appropriate to the needs of each, individual prisoner.  The focus of the MDTs is to implement the model of care and influence the ingoing review of these new services.

Purpose of CP:  Integral to the success of this initiative is the position of the Clinical Psychologist working closely amongst the MDT.  The purpose of the CP is to monitor, promulgate and promulgate best practices in the delivery of mental health services within the Intervention and Support Unit across the wider prison environment.

Requirements:  They need CPs whom have a lot of work and life experience and can respond quickly with good judgement to various pressure points that present themselves.

Key Accountabilities:  Deliver, direct, monitor and evaluate psychological care that provided by others and yourself embracing the responsibility for leading colleagues and fostering healthy, functional, team dynamics with a focus on optimising and continually improving the quality of care including:

  1. Provide quality clinical psychological triage, assessment and treatment services to patients;
  2. Refer patients to appropriate services where necessary;
  3. Provide advice, education and training to other members of the MDT, Corrections staff  and Community Agencies;
  4. Develop and deliver treatment; and
  5. Provide professional supervision and oversight for other CPs, as appropriate.

You will embrace working within a team of dedicated, caring professionals from diverse health disciplines with the opportunity to see tangible results as you help shape the future direction for this new model.

Intrigued?  Reply with a copy of your resumé and let’s talk!



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