Director of Geriatric Medical/Stroke/Rehab Clinical Services (AR-037)

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:  AR-037

Director of Geriatric Medical/Stroke/Rehab Clinical Services (AR-037)

:  Auckland
:  Older Persons Stoke Medical Rehab Services
Job Type
:  Permanent, Direct Hire
:  Yes
Start Date
:  90 days after offer

Job Posting Number AR-037

Job Title:             Director of Older Peoples’ Medical/Rehab Clinical Services

Open to:             Rehabilitation or Stroke Specialist – Community and Long-Term Care

Location:             Auckland, North Island, New Zealand

Job Type:            12 months fixed Term

Relocation:         One-way airfares for Physician and Family, three weeks’ accommodations and registration fees reimbursed

Salary:                 NZ$ depends on years’ experience

Start Date:         Within 90 days of offer

Work Status:     Work Visa Sponsorship Available


  1. Have you led and managed fairly large health care teams?
  2. Do you have extensive experience treating older adults?
  3. Are you able and willing to commit at least 12 months to see if you and the position are a fit?
  4. Do you seek an exceptionally challenging and rewarding clinical leadership opportunity?
  5. Would you welcome an opportunity to do some research with a prestigious university?
  6. Do you want to experience our world class Kiwi Lifestyle?


This hospital is one of the largest public healthcare providers in New Zealand with four specialist teaching hospitals including Auckland City Hospital, Greenlane Clinical Centre, National Women’s Health and Starship Children’s Health.


This team is comprised of geriatricians, rehabilitation physicians, allied health and nursing staff supported by a comprehensive administrative team delivering primary and community care services across five wards.  Staff also support localities through the provision of specialist support to their community based teams, aged care facilities and general practitioners.


This hospital employs over 10,000 highly skilled professionals with a total budget of approximately $1.8 billion and is recognised for providing timely and effectives services which its communities have learned to rely on.,


The successful candidate will:

  • Have managed fairly large health care teams for at least several years;
  • Have worked with older patients and have a keen interest in the serving geriatric population;
  • May have a background as a rehabilitation specialist or a stroke specialist;
  • Be an excellent clinician with outstanding leadership skills;
  • Demonstrate past achievements in transforming the delivery of quality patient care through innovative programmes;
  • Embrace preventative health care as core to their philosophy of patient care;
  • Create care programmes which are goal centred and holistic in nature that reduce the impact on frailty, disability and impairment of patients while supporting their ongoing independence;
  • Have excellent communications, team building and orientated skills;
  • Be able to think strategically while creating a vision for the team as you are the heart of the decision making process;
  • Focus teams on quality initiatives utilising continuous improvement techniques to life the quality of clinical care, safety and health outcomes while delivering solutions that are economically sustainable and viable;
  • Lead initiatives to form strategic partnerships with primary care and hospital services in creating innovative solutions for sustainable health services vis-à-vis a changing population demographics;
  • Is a leader who can inspire, motivate and influence others through a collaborative environment where best practices are identified and implement through a consensus based approach;
  • Value the importance of maximising the independence and self-directed care of your patients;
  • Keen to lead a role in influencing the shape of health care for the future of the community;
  • Able to get a work visa, if not already living and working in New Zealand; and
  • Able and willing to commit at least 12 months.

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