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:  #06-217


:  Dunedin
:  New Zealand
:  Medical Officer Doctor Physician

primary requirements

  1. 1. Medical Qualifications.
  2. 2. Special Medical Practitioner Registration with the Medical Council of New Zealand in Internal Medicine and Haematology.
  3. 3. Must have specialist expertise in Haematology.
  4. 4. At least 5+ years’ recent experience as a Haematologist.
  5. 5. Able to commit at least 2-3 years.
  6. 6. A high level of organisational skills and energy.
  7. 7. Thrives in a fast-paced environment where exceptional service and customer satisfaction are a key element of the company’s brand.
  8. 8. Comfortable taking initiative in prioritising numerous and varied tasks.
  9. 9. Excellent communications and team orientated work skills.
  10. 10. Personal commitment to high standards of medical practice and demonstrated capacity to work both autonomously and as a member of a multi-disciplinary team.
  11. 11. Strong commitment to continuing medical education, both as a teacher and in one’s own professional development.
  12. 12. Current car driver’s license.

primary duties

  1. 1. Explain and discuss with patients their treatment options including the risks and benefits of such treatments.
  2. 2. Be available to consult patients in the Medical Day Unit and Ward 8C on an urgent basis when their clinical condition warrants it.
  3. 3. Share responsibilities for establishing and maintaining mechanisms to ensure high quality standards of chemotherapy and other drug administration throughout the Otago/ Southland region.
  4. 4. Participate in the specialist roster providing after hours cover for Haematology patients and the laboratory.
  5. 5. See patients promptly and advise on their management when referred for a specialist Haematology opinion.
  6. 6. Conduct up to three outpatient sessions (sessions average 3-4 hours duration) per week (including sessions in Invercargill).
  7. 7. Participate in the weekly multidisciplinary ward round.
  8. 8. Perform at least one other ward round during each week.
  9. 9. Deliver care on a session basis in the Haematology Outpatient clinics, the Medical Day Unit and Ward 8C in a timely and effective manner.
  10. 10. Be available for telephone consultations with health professionals about Haematology patients throughout the Otago/ Southland region.
  11. 11. Deliver care on a sessional basis as rostered using the allocated time efficiently and effectively to meet service goals.
  12. 12. Participate in lymphoma meetings and regular credentialing meetings.
  13. 13. Supervise the smooth and efficient running of the Haematology laboratory in conjunction with other specialist colleagues.
  14. 14. Ensure that the Haematology laboratory is up-to-date and meets local and international accreditation standards.
  15. 15. It is anticipated that there will be no registrars available to the laboratory service; you and other consultants will be expected to perform diagnostic procedures.
  16. 16. Be available for discussing abnormal results with the clinical services.
  17. 17. Be available at all times by pager/ phone/ cell phone to give advice on the care of inpatients in Ward 8C and outpatients under the care of any of Haematologists.
  18. 18. Be available to attend acutely ill patients in Ward 8C within 45 minutes
  19. 19. Provide consultations as requested by other medical.
  20. 20. Demonstrate a personal commitment to meeting CLIENT service and team objectives.
  21. 21. Ensure comprehensive, accurate and up to date clinical records are maintained for all patients seen.
  22. 22. Ensure reports and letters are completed and dispatched in a timely manner or by due date.
  23. 23. Ensure procedure and policy documents that you are responsible for are updated when necessary.
  24. 24. Attend review sessions, including strategic development sessions, budgetary meetings and other service meetings as appropriate.
  25. 25. Work as part of the allocated team(s) to meet the throughput and budget targets for that team as contained in the operating plan.
  26. 26. Prepare reports for outside agencies as required – for example Accident Compensation Corporation, WINZ, Health and Disability Commissioner. Where this task is carried out in scheduled work time, payment should be arranged through CLIENT.
  27. 27. Prepare reports for management as required.
  28. 28. Maintenance of department database.

other duties

  1. This is a .8 Haematology and .2 pathology position providing leadership and assuming overall responsibility of care for a specified patient group as part of a Multi-disciplinary team process, including admission, discharge, risk assessment and court reports. Provide clinical appropriate care to a high professional standard in a way which is consistent with service objectives and contractual commitments, statutory and other regulatory obligations. Promote and contribute to the development of services which deliver the highest quality care for individual patients within the limits of available resources.

other notes

  1. Four weeks paid annual leave, 11 paid public holidays, funding for ongoing professional development, relocation assistance, superannuation and perhaps some other goodies to be negotiated and discuss at time of offer.

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