iOS Mobile Swift Developer – Christchurch New Zealand – (AR-004)

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:  AR-004

iOS Mobile Swift Developer – Christchurch New Zealand – (AR-004)

:  Christchurch
:  iOS Android Mobile Software Development
Job Type
:  Permanent Full-Time
:  Perhaps
Start Date
:  60 days after offer acceptance

Job Title: iOS Mobile Developer
Open to: New Zealand Citizens Only
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Job Type: Permanent, Full-Time After passing initial 90 days’ probationary period
Relocation: To be determined
Salary: $xx,000 (recent grads) to $xx,000 (more senior level )(Confidential)
Start Date: Within 60 days after offer acceptance
Work Status: Must be NZ citizen due to sensitive and in-depth security checks and worked performed for select NZ security related clients

This company was started up in 2008 and now has 15 employees who work in an open environment that is designed to be exceedingly quiet allowing the creative juices to form and flow amongst their developers. Developers work within an agile development setting where genius is recognised and humility is appreciated. While they have some of New Zealand’s best mobile developers they refuse to be arrogant or stuffy.

Team lead is a perfectionist and a brilliant technologist who believes in giving his people enough rope to do their thing and prove how clever they are or the rope could have other, implied applications. Developers must be open to having their code critiqued without getting defensive and be willing to take on board suggestions for improving the quality of their coding.

They do a lot of work for partners like Apple and VodaFone as well as the NZ Police Force.

This position is ideally suited for someone who is absolutely passionate about iOS and Android mobile applications and enjoys the outdoors.

Modern offices with adjustable desks, gym, showers, basketball, café, gardens and paths outside.

Primary Requirements Include:
a) At least six months or more iOS mobile development experience using associated libraries and frameworks;
b) Bachelors in a technical discipline;
c) Swift programming language experience a definite advantage;
d) Must be absolutely passionate about creating applications for mobile devices. You will live and breathe your passion but also have a good work/life balance;
e) Demonstrated ability to provide exceptionally, high quality, mobile applications and will settle for no less than perfection from yourself;
f) Some front end web development experience under your belt desired;
g) Able and willing to undergo a thorough background check by the NZ police to ensure that you, your parents, siblings and other whanau members have not been associated with any criminal activities or individuals in the past;
h) May be asked to undergo drug testing;
i) Able to see better ways to make smart phones work for users;
j) Embrace a philosophy of own it, do it and create the perfect, totally cool solution;
k) Able to work under your own guidance and drive without having to be micro-managed;
l) Outstanding communications and people skills which translate into your being a top team player;
m) Free of any tendency to be a prima donna;
n) No attitudes;
o) Good UI/UX approach towards development
p) Strong Object Oriented development background;
q) Committed to clean, fault-free, smart phone applications with your first coding attempt;
r) Possess an openness to learning, exploring, sharing and growing;
s) Able and willing to work one or two weeks on-site as part of a 90 days’ probationary trial employment period before a decision is made on whether or not to offer you a full-time, permanent role;
t) You totally get that quality before quantity is important and always insist that your code meets up to these expectations; and
u) Able and willing to stay for at least 2-3 years for a permanent, direct hire position.
You will work with a very talented team of iOS developers in a collaborative based environment. You will produce enterprise level iOS projects.

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