Native Speaking Japanese Gastroenterologist for Vietnam Wanted – AR-40J – Must speak fluent Japanese!

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:  AR-40J

Native Speaking Japanese Gastroenterologist for Vietnam Wanted – AR-40J – Must speak fluent Japanese!

:  Hanoi
:  Vietnam
:  Gastroenterology
Job Type
:  Two Years' Commitment
:  maybe alittle
:  US$10,000 per month after taxes
Start Date
:  Negotiable

Job Title:             Gastroenterologist

Open to:              All Japanese speaking Gastroenterologists Who are Currently Board Certified Paediatricians.   Must have worked in a hospital for three years at time of application.

Location:             Hanoi, Vietnam

Job Type:            Permanent, Direct Hire

Relocation:         Yes there will be some financial help with some relocation costs

Salary:                 Up to US$10,000 per month depending on Experience, net, take-home pay, after taxes are paid by the employer

Start Date:         Within 30 days after registration and work visa are approved.  (Note:   Registration takes around four months *after* the successful candidate provides all of the required documents.   Physicians are expected to comply with all requests for information on a priority basis and submit the necessary documents within 30 days after offer is accepted.  The Clinic will advise what documents are required for both registration and the work visa.)

Certification:     The Medical Clinic will sort out your medical registration/license for you.

Work Status:     The Medical Clinic will sort out your visas and registration


  • One-way airplane ticket for the Doctor to Hanoi;
  • Housing for seven days upon arrival.  (Note:  They do not provide accommodations beyond the seven days);
  • Free health care for you and your family;
  • Medical registration;
  • Visas for you and those who may be coming with you;
  • Work approximately 44 hours per week, 5-1/2 days a week with no night duties;
  •  Paid time off is approximately 21 days plus 14 local public holidays;
  • Exceptional opportunity to experience multi-cultural diversity and grow your professional and personal skills;
  • Be part of a team of western educated, trained experienced physicians who have been with the clinic for a number of years and are part of a highly professional, collegial team; and reasonable cost of living; and
  • Opportunity of a lifetime to experience another culture.


This is a privately held healthcare organisation in Vietnam which provides primarily health care to expats who reside in Hanoi and others parts of Vietnam.  They are the largest and first established foreign, privately held, international health care provider in Vietnam.  They are building more outpatient clinics and also will have built a hospital for inpatients within 24 months to supplement fix clinics in major cities.  They take pride in providing personalised support, excellent customer service and comprehensive medical care for the best value targeted to expats and local populations.  Their team of physicians come from diverse locations such as the US, Canada, Israel, France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, UK, Japan, Philippines, Australia, Argentina and Vietnam.  This is a growing and thriving health care organisation with big growth potential and plans.

All contracts include a four months’ probationary employment period.  They prefer for Doctors to work a five weeks’ locum first for both the Physician and the Clinic to determine if the Doctor and the Clinic are a good fit.  This is like a try/buy scenario that may be in the best interests of both the Doctor and the Clinic?

It’s important to understand that we are looking for more long-term candidates.  Although the contracts are one-year contracts, all of their physicians have been with them for a number of years. The ongoing, continuation of Physician’s work is crucial from their perspective and that of their patients as the patients always sees the same doctor.   Therefore, the clinic takes pride in creating long-term relationships amongst their physicians as well as with their patients.

Last but not least, the work permit and the doctor license processes in Vietnam can take up to four months from the time the Physician has provided all of the required documents to approval of the medical license.  Typically, it takes overseas Physicians one to three months to provide needed dossiers.  Therefore, with this kind of time and effort invested on behalf of the Physicians to obtain their vocational registration/license and the necessary visas, a minimum two years’ commitment is required.

Primary Requirements Include:

  1.  Must be currently board certified in your specialty;
  2. At least or five years’ experience in your specialty;
  3. Basis to advanced knowledge of gastroenterology techniques and practices;
  4. Must hold a Medical Degree or equivalent from a Medical School that is listed on;
  5. Fluent in Japanese, ie reading, writing, speaking and listening;
  6. Able and willing to commit at least two years;
  7. Able and willing to work for five weeks on a trial basis to see if you and they are a fit;
  8. Able and willing to work under pressure;
  9. Good computer and MS Office skills;
  10. Able and willing to work with medical software;
  11. Excellent team orientated work skills;
  12. Good patient facing skills;
  13. Able and willing to work in a multi-cultural environment with team members from all over the world; and
  14. Clinical and/or hospital experience desired.

Primary responsibilities include but aren’t limited to:

  1. Collect, record, and maintain patient information, such as medical histories, reports, and examination results
  2. To perform, any number of tests on patients, including blood work and endoscopy (to include colonoscopy and gastroscopy) explaining the procedures and discuss test results or prescribed treatments with patients
  3. Prescribe or administer therapy, medication, and other specialized medical care to treat or prevent illness;
  4. Analyze records, reports, test results, or examination information to diagnose medical condition of patient;
  5. Monitor patients’ conditions and progress and reevaluate treatments as necessary;
  6. Refer patient to medical specialist or other practitioner when necessary;
  7. Direct and coordinate activities of nurses, students, assistants, specialists, therapists, and other medical staff;
  8. Consult with or provide consulting services to other physicians;
  9. Attend meetings when required;
  10. Maintain confidentiality at all times; and
  11. Perform other related duties as required.

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