Physios Physiotherapists Physicaltherapists New Zealand AR-096

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:  AR-096

Physios Physiotherapists Physicaltherapists New Zealand AR-096

:  Hamilton
:  New Zealand
:  Physio Physical Therapy
Job Type
:  Permanent Full-Time
:  Yes
:  Market Rate
Start Date
:  Negotiable

A Hamilton area private clinic that currently employs nine Physiotherapists is turning away work because they don’t have enough Physios on their staff.

NZ based Physios are always welcome to contact me.

What this clinic is prepared to offer overseas Physios includes the following:

 Have a chat with you to determine whether or not there may be a fit between you and them and if your English may be fluent enough for their needs;
 Fully handle and pay for your vocational registration so that you may live and work in NZ as a Physiotherapist after you pass the Physiotherapist Board’s English language requirements that are clearly defined at;
 Provide some help with airfares to get you to NZ after your registration is granted;
 May help with some work visa related costs;
 Once you get your registration offer you a position at a market, competitive rate; and
 A position based in a smaller, rural community with a reasonable cost of housing and living, good schools, friendly people and diverse peoples from different parts of the world.

In exchange for this financial and paperwork support they would ask for you to commit at least five years to them and you would be bonded to them for up to five years. This means that if you were to leave within five years you would be asked to repay some or all of the money back that they invested in your registration, work visa, airfare and related settlement costs.

Their offer reflects a dire need to hire more Physios recognising that some overseas Physios may need help with the registration paperwork, costs and other expenses to get you and your family to NZ.

Could you perhaps have a think about this generous offer and reply with a copy of your CV in Word format?

Thank you.


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