Psychologist for Department of Corrections – New Zealand – AR-131 – Clinical Neuro or Forensic

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:  AR-131

Psychologist for Department of Corrections – New Zealand – AR-131 – Clinical Neuro or Forensic

:  Hawkes Bay
:  Neuro Clinical Psychology
Job Type
:  Permanent Full-Time
:  Yes, perhaps some
:  DOE
Start Date
:  Negotiable

I have a rather special opportunity for someone who is looking for a refreshing change from how most countries treat and support some of their less privileged, more challenged people.  This opportunity is with our Department of Corrections that takes a more holistic approach to working closely with their clientele with the ultimate goal to help them heal, avoid re-offending and possibly someday reintegrate back into society.

Location:                            North Island of New Zealand

Commitment:                    At least two years although your job offer will likely be permanent so you could stay longer if you wanted

Climate:                              Summers offer warm, sun drenched days.  Spring is beautiful.  Autumn tends to be a continuation of Summer.  Winters are mild with no snow.

Cost of living:                     Lower than most North Island locations

Quality of life:                    Excellent and rated as one of the highest in the country

Schools:                                Good

Pay:                                         Better than most other employers

Paid Vacation:                   Five Weeks

Paid Public Holidays:       11

Paid sick days:                   10

Paid time for CE:              Yes

Management:                    Open to suggestions, excellent communicator, a people person, loves his work and his team

The following is from an expat US Psychologist who works for the same manager who has asked me to find him another fantastic Psychologist like her.

“As a Corrections psychologist my main tasks are: assessments (these typically include assessing risk of re-offending, psychological formulations on why they offended, strength of release plans, and recommendations to reduce risk), consulting with case managers and other prison staff as needed (such as on someone’s readiness to attend programming or be moved units, and participation in family meetings/release planning), and 1:1 treatment (focused on offending risk factors and creating safety plans related to offending). At times we use personality and neuropsych tests if needed. If you have a specialty or interest, you are encouraged to develop that.

“We are given guidance on how to do these tasks, and there is an abundance of trainings the psychologist attends throughout the year, some required and some chosen by the psychologist for professional development. There is weekly supervision with a senior staff member, cultural supervision (focused on the Maori population), weekly staff meetings, and other support available. Each report is reviewed before finalized, and there are templates to use as well.

“My supervisor/manager is very experienced and has an open communication style, uses a lot of examples to explain processes and theories, and is interested in the development of the individual psychologist. There is flexibility and a focus on work-life balance as well. He has also been open to my recommendations on process improvements/efficiencies, and changes have been made. A psychologist who wants to stretch out of their comfort zone, expand their cultural awareness, do a variety of work (but less traditional clinical psych), and who is good at managing their time and work will do well. The other psychologists in my office are also helpful, friendly, and hard workers. 

“From a more practical standpoint, we have 5 weeks of annual leave, plus 11 holidays, and 10 sick days (can use if family are ill, too). When we travel for trainings we have a per diem for food and travel arrangements are organized by admin staff. Pay is good, especially if compared to the DHB’s. Overall it is a good company to work for. This is also a great area for families, easy for travelling to the larger cities, close to beaches and wineries, and has great climate.”

Does this sound like something you would like to do?  Would you like to explore this with me?

Your reply with a copy of your CV or resumé in Word format will get my attention and a fast response back to you.

Thank you.

Ngā mihi/Kind regards

Larry Beck, Director

Align International Recruitment Ltd

Christchurch, New Zealand

NZ: +64 3 366 8779  Mobile: +64 27 532 8779

Australia: 1800 750 493  UK: 0800 058 8772  USA & Canada: 1 800 511 6976 to read some of my 100+ recommendations.


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