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:  #06-313


:  Invercargill
:  New Zealand
:  Medical Officer Doctor Physician

primary requirements

  1. •Registered with the vocational scope in Radiology with Medical Council of New Zealand.
  2. • Commitment to ongoing personal education and development on a regular basis.
  3. • Must have a knowledge and empathy for bi-culturalism and practices in a manner, which the patient determines, is culturally safe.
  4. • Knowledge of quality system and evidence based practice
  5. • High standard of oral and written
  6. • Demonstrated ability to promote and develop teamwork
  7. • Able to accommodate change
  8. • Competent computer skills
  9. • Able to access and interpret relevant research
  10. • Able to provide constructive and timely feedback
  11. • Actively seeks networking opportunities
  12. • Capable of working under pressure
  13. • Innovative and flexible
  14. • High standards of ethical and professional practice
  15. • Energetic and able to motivate others
  16. • Is able to think clearly and manage own workloads well
  17. • Able to interact well with other people from a variety of cultural backgrounds
  18. • Able to get a work visa
  19. • Able to start work within 90 days of offer
  20. • Able to commit at least 12 months with potential to stay on longer if you want to, but 12 months is the minimum commitment required

primary duties

Service Delivery:

  1. • ensure delivery of radiology services, which are efficient, effective and to a high clinical standard
  2. • Provide to patients a safe, competent and respectful service in the management of their conditions and according to their clinical priority.
  3. • Communicate adequately with patients on their condition and treatment, ensuring at all times patient rights are protected and all consents required are acquired before treatment.
  4. • Provide for comprehensive and appropriate records of patients seen and be responsible for ensuring that such records are available in accordance with normally accepted procedures.
  5. • Report promptly to the Clinical Director Radiology Service, Unit Manager Medical Imaging or General Manager – WC&PH Directorate any unusual incidents or occurrence, especially those which may give rise to complaints or legal action against Southern DHB.
  6. • Ensure effective use of resources of staff and facilities, by the application of effective efficient and economical patient management techniques.
  7. • Ensure that the standard of service provided is commensurate with duties and intentions, the District Annual Plan and the Health Board’s policies and procedures.
  8. • Respond to circulars and strategic Business Plans.
  9. • Keep informed of developments in the area pertinent to speciality and maintain own skills and knowledge of speciality to professional college guidelines.
  10. • Provide advice as requested by the Clinical Director Radiology Service
  11. • Act as a member of the radiology team in providing suitable cover for Hospital and other locations as requested
  12. • Participate in an on-call radiologist roster to provide urgent reports for ultrasound and CT, and to perform urgent fluoroscopy and interventional procedures.

Clinical Role – Direct Patient Contact:

  1. • Grade requests for service
  2. • Undertake procedures
  3. • Consultation with colleagues
  4. • Read and report images
  5. • Attend and lead clinical conference meetings
  6. • Perform urgent procedures as requested or as required.
  7. • Act as a member of the Radiology Service team in providing suitable cover through rostered shifts and on-call services.
  8. • Provide a diagnostic radiology service.
  9. • In cases arising from reactions to contrast media or complications from any procedure, whether it be pulmonary oedema, anaphylactic shock or respiratory and cardiac arrest, manage initial demands of intervention until suitable help arrives
  10. • Network with other disciplines/colleagues, requesting their services as necessary.
  11. • Set priorities for various investigations to meet clinical demand
  12. • Be familiar with appropriate modern techniques.

Discuss diagnosis with consultants and other medical staff:

  1. • Give a preliminary diagnosis on urgent work. This will involve viewing, writing a preliminary report, communicating this information to the appropriate person and writing a final report
  2. • Report on films sent from other centres for comment and compilation as requested
  3. • Discuss with referrers the most suitable examinations for their patients
  4. • Advise referrers with reference to symptoms that are not compatible with certain investigations/films
  5. • Authorise and dictate reports
  6. • Report on examinations from the Emergency Department
  7. • Report any examinations within your defined scope of practice
  8. • Be familiar with the Emergency plan as it relates to the Radiology Service.
  9. • Comply with the requirements of appropriate Professional bodies such as Medical Council.
  10. • Maintain accurate patient records.
  11. • Liaise with agencies such as the Police when required, complete legal documents and appear in Court when necessary.
  12. • Attend and contribute to meetings as requested or approved by the Clinical Director Radiology Services
    Resource and clinical supervision responsibilities
  13. • Able to encourage and foster positive working relationships between all staff within the Medical Imaging Department.
  14. • Provide guidelines to Medical Radiation Technologists on medical imaging procedures and new techniques
  15. • Design protocols for the imaging procedures
  16. • Delegate tasks and responsibilities appropriately to clinical support staff assessing task complexity against assessed skill levels of individuals.
  17. • Advise on the purchase of radiological equipment
  18. • Report issues and critical incidents to Clinical Director, Unit Manager and General Manager WC&PH Directorate and other appropriate persons.
  19. • Provide tuition, supervision and lectures to staff as may be required by such agencies such as a College Training Scheme, fulfilment of Medical Council requirements/hospital training requirements
  20. • Assist with the education of allied health professionals, medical students, house surgeons and registrars
    Inform patients and when necessary relative/caregivers of treatment and procedures and provide the opportunity to ask questions relevant to their particular needs.
  21. • Maintain effective interpersonal relationships with Medical Imaging Staff, other staff, patients and relatives/caregivers.
  22. • Ensure patient complaints are dealt with sensitively, promptly and effectively following procedures.
  23. • Communicate effectively with appropriate community services such as general practitioners to facilitate safe follow up care for patients.
  24. • Ensure legal requirements and policies and contractual provisions are adhered to when communication with patients, relatives, members of the public and other health professionals.
  25. • Recognize individual responsibility for workplace health and safety under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992
  26. • Health and Safety Policies are understood and relevant procedures applied to own workplaces activities.
  27. • Workplace hazards are identified and reported, including self management of hazards where appropriate.
  28. Information management and technology
  29. •Information gathering processes are followed to collect patient, clinical and volume information.
  30. • Identifies information requirements and resources needed and follows documentation standards for both internal and external communication.
  31. • Assists other staff to maintain information technology processes and requirements
  32. • Participate in regular clinical meetings with other clinical staff.
  33. • Comply with the requirements of appropriate Professional bodies such as Medical Council.
  34. • Be committed to maintaining and updating own knowledge and skills and participate in ongoing professional activities and regular performance review.
  35. • Maintain a consistent overview of new information needs and trends relevant to Radiology by reading journals and attending lectures and seminars as approved by the Radiology Clinical Director and the General Manager, WC&PH Directorate.
  36. • Identify from time to time research needs in consultation with the Clinical Director and with the approval of the Southern DHB Ethics Committee conduct such research.
  37. • Provide a high standard of specialist care for the community.
  38. • Demonstrate a willingness to achieve service and organisational objectives in an innovative manner.
  39. • Participate in audits related to the Radiology Service and in particular morbidity/mortality, peer review and critical incidents.
  40. • Maintain accurate records for the purposes of clinical audit.
  41. • Support client in the implementation of quality standards to meet accreditation and certification requirements.
  42. • Understand and practice the principles of quality improvement and contribute to the development of quality plans to ensure continuous quality improvement.
  43. • Comply with requirements outlined in Service Specifications
    Actively uphold clients philosophy, policies and procedures
  44. • Ensure all policies, procedures and standards of practice of client, relevant Acts, Regulations, Employment Contracts and statutory obligations are adhered to, within the principles of Equal Employment Opportunity, the Treaty of Waitangi and recognition of Tangata Whenua.
  45. • Be subject to the overall direction of the hospital

Perform such other duties as may be reasonably required:

  1. • Undertake and perform duties in an efficient and productive manner
  2. • Perform such other duties as may be reasonably required by the Clinical Director, Radiology Service and General Manager, WC&PH Directorate.

other notes

Four weeks annual leave and 9-11 paid public holidays are a minimum that you may expect for this role. Other benefits may be negotiable at time of offer.

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