Working as a Clinical Psychologist in New Zealand

Most of our vacancies are with or community mental health organisations which are part of our public health care system. A typical day for a general clinical psychologist would include seeing perhaps up to five clients with the remainder of the spent down on documentation and participating meetings. As New Zealand has a no fault liability system malpractice insurance isn’t your concern and neither is having to deal with insurance companies. Weekly peer review with a supervising psychologist is offered to assist newly hired psychologists adjust to and learn about our mental health system.

Areas of need include general adults, child and adolescent, addiction services, health such as cancer, eating disorders and diabetes, inpatient and outpatient forensic, neuro rehab, intellectual disabilities, chronic pain and other areas.

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New Zealand needs Clinical Psychologist roles include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to help in the treatment of a diverse range of problems including depression, anxiety, substance abuse, forensics, neuropsych testing/assessments and in other areas. In New Zealand these services are often provided through Community Mental Health (CMH) centres which are part of our localised District Health Boards (DHB) that are funded by our Ministry of Health. We also need Clinical Psychologists who have a background in corrections.

Experience Required : 5+ year

Job Location : Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga, Hamilton, Dunedin, Invercargill, Nelson, Hastings

Job Type : Fulltime

No. of Requirements : 20

New Zealand Registration

Reciprocity exists with many countries which means that many psychologists do not have to sit an exam. Qualifications and supervised internships of 1,500 hours or more must have been accredited by a suitable organisation. Being currently licensed or registered as a psychologist in your current country of residence plus providing evidence of continuing professional education are required for registration. For overseas psychologists who come from a country where English is not your native language, you may be to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) to provide that you meet the New Zealand Psychologists’ English language requirements. In some instances, even if your qualifications were done in English Align Recruitment may require an IELTS with results that meet or exceed the Board’s requirements. We are happy to answer all questions regarding their chances of receiving their New Zealand psychologist registration with clinical scope.

Why New Zealand?

All clinical psychologists who work full-time are eligible to receive 20 days’ accrued paid annual leave or vacation over 12 months on top of 11 paid public holidays money for continuing professional education and other goodies. Being part of a collegial team of mental health professionals and not having to deal with insurance companies can be a real plus. However, one of the best parts of living and working in New Zealand is our beautiful outdoors, friendly, open and accepting people and a good balance between working and living which we refer to as our Kiwi Lifestyle.

Why Choose Align Recruitment?

Nobody will provide you the personalised, caring, professional, competent, coaching tips and mentoring that we will. Nobody! Not only will we give you a lot of introductory information on New Zealand we will email you detailed interview tips to help prepare you for your all-important first interview. However, our support doesn’t stop there. We will assist you with finding a place to live, connect you with our trusted services providers and even meet you at the airport if you come to Christchurch. In short, we will have your back all of the way from the first time you contact us to after you arrive in New Zealand and start work.