I have had the pleasure of recruiting a fantastic psychiatrist through Larry. He was a person who recognised and understood the needs of our Service but also understood the wishes and desires of the prospective Doctor. He worked tirelessly in supporting the applicant and the Service to negotiate some of the challenges related to immigration and registration in another country. Nothing was too much. His personal interest in the clinician and the organisation was exemplary. Larry understands the challenges of immigration, is a details person who leaves no stones unturned and supports all from A to Z. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Dr Andrew Darby
Clinical Director - Adult Mental Health Service, Waikato District Health Board.

My experience with Align Recruitment was life-changing. Larry Beck, from the very beginning of our acquaintance, entirely committed to my family’s dream of living in New Zealand. He assisted us to overcome all obstacles (and there were many of them) that appeared along the process.
Always supportive and realistic, Larry gave us the confidence we needed to be where we are today. Simple but generous gestures, like picking us up at the airport, hosting my family at his place, liaising with my future (and current) employer and accompanying me at the New Zealand Medical Council’s appeal meeting, all those made a huge difference to us. Today, he has not only our admiration, but also our affection. Without him, we would surely not be where we are today. I am grateful to life, and I am grateful to Larry.

Dr Leonardo Sauaia
Consultant Psychiatrist, Ashburn Clinic, Dunedin New Zealand

If one of my colleagues wanted to practice in New Zealand I would insist they use Align Recruitment.  The emphasis on finding a match of my skills, interests, and lifestyle helped so much in making the transition to New Zealand as seamless as possible.  I couldn’t be happier.  The attention to details, the thoroughness of the self inventory and skill assessment made certain that my employer knew exactly what kind of psychologist I am.   And I never waited even a day for a response to my questions about living and working  in New Zealand.  The advice has been spot on.

Dr R Scott Webb
Professional Advisor/Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Gore, New Zealand

Larry has been fabulously helpful in finding me a good job in New Zealand. He is detail oriented. He is honest. He is perceptive which has meant he has taken the time to get to know me and helped to find a job which would be a good fit. He has the energy to get things done and knows the system. I would recommend Larry to anyone who is looking for work in New Zealand and no doubt elsewhere.

Nancy Joan Smith MD
Former Adult Psychiatrist at County of Santa Barbara now Specialist Psychiatrist, Waikato District Health Board, Hamilton, New Zealand

Align Recruitment is a one stop solution for recruitment . They are prompt and have excellent service, with bundle of information in recruitment and immigration, which really makes Align a class apart from others in this field.

Mammen Thomas
Test Analyst, Christchurch, New Zealand

Professional, passionate, personal service aligned me with the ideal employer in New Zealand – Align Recruitment hit the sweet spot on all aspects. Align Recruitment found the focal point of my experience, knowledge and life goals in order to find the ideal employer in New Zealand. Align Recruitment understands the “Kiwi Way” and through personal and dedicated service helped me to find the ideal employer. Professional service and a personal touch was one thing, but the tenacious search for an ideal employer in New Zealand was out of this world – Thank you Align Recruitment!

Lehan Stemmet
Human Resources and Business Manager, Methven, New Zealand

I believe that the service you provide to employers is excellent and helps make the recruitment process stress-free. You have always communicated well with us, and you are always willing to go the extra mile.

Raylene Cole
Team Leader for Southern DHB Mental Health, Invercargill, New Zealand

My compliments to you on your extensive questionnaire. It’s very impressive and an important tool along with the skills matrix for both potential employers and recruiting Psychologists particularly those immigrating and unfamiliar with the NZ context. It provides substantive background material that assists short listing job applicants.

Maureen Anderson
Unit Manager, Child Development Centre, Waikato DHB, Waikato, New Zealand

We work with a number of suppliers of Recruitment and Selection services and have been working with Align since June 2007 during which time we have made a number of placements. Our experience has been that a great deal of attention is paid to understanding our needs and to the profiling of candidates such that in all cases the match has been excellent.

Richard Copeland
HR Manager, Tait Operations, Christchurch, New Zealand



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