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employer-innerOne of our niche areas is our ability to successfully screen candidates from overseas who want to come to New Zealand to live and work. Our screening methods are thorough, proven and they work. We make sure that the candidates whom we put forward to our clients are keen on the position, organisation and New Zealand to ensure that they are prepared to make the necessary commitment to settle in New Zealand and commit to their new employer.

Our Engagement Model with Candidates Prior to Submission

  • While we do advertise on the Align website and occasionally on some other sites, we don’t advertise on the local job boards as everyone is already looking for candidates on this site, including probably you. Therefore, I tend to pursue candidates through other means which are business sensitive, as you can probably imagine.
  • Once I’ve identified a potential candidate I will email that person a standard set of questions to do a preliminary assessment to see whether or not they have the required technical skills and experience;
  • The preliminary questions also explore with them where they are at with respect to Immigration New Zealand, how soon can they start work, do they have a current driver’s license, do they have enough money set aside to pay for their visa and related relocation and settlement costs and other things;
  • Providing that the candidate passes the initial screening questions, Align Recruitment Employment Services then schedule a phone or skype chat with the candidate which sometimes includes their partner. The phone screen explores what their salary expectations are, why they want to live and work in NZ, how much they know about NZ, what they’re earning now, their financial situation to determine whether or not they can afford to live and work in NZ on a NZ wage and with our cost of living; family situation; questions to determine if they will pass Immigration’s health and background checks; ability to commit at least 2-3 years to their NZ employer; confirm, in those instances where relocation financial assistance may be limited or non-existent, that they can afford to relocate themselves and settle in NZ; and explore any and all concerns or questions that they may have;
  • For .Net C# software engineers I email the candidate a coding assignment which typically can take them several hours to complete. I then ask a Senior .Net C# Software Engineer to evaluate the candidate’s coding assignment and provide me an assessment on their technical abilities in a number of areas;
  • For clinical psychologists, Doctors and related health related, specialist roles, I ask the candidate to complete a Questionnaire and Skills Assessment which can easily take 8-10 hours to complete;
  • Assist candidates to apply for and receive their vocational registrations, as appropriate;
  • Assuming that the candidate makes it over these hurdles, I then present the candidate to you.
  • We also help facilitate our overseas candidates work or residency visas by recommending that they utilise our preferred and trusted, Christchurch based, NZ registered Immigration Consultant, whom to date has a 100% success rate in helping our candidates receive their visas;
  • We like to meet and greet our candidates as they arrive in New Zealand as part of the overall engagement process;
  • Prior to that we will have helped them find a place to live;
  • We drive them to various offices to apply for their NZ driver’s license and IRD tax numbers, and open a bank account so that they can hit the road running right on their first day of work;
  • Finally, we assist our candidates in any way that we can by putting them in touch with our extensive network of services providers, including real estate agents, property managers, insurance brokers and others;
  • We will check in with you during the first few months to see how our candidate is doing.


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