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Why Choose Us? When possible, an Align recruitment representative will personally meet you upon your arrival to New Zealand. Prior to your initial arrival, we will already have assisted you in applying for your vocational registrations, when necessary, present you for positions, give you detailed interview tips, facilitate your work or residency visa application and help you settle in New Zealand. Often we help new arrivals find accommodations, apply for their NZ driver’s license, apply for their Inland Revenue Department tax number, open up a bank account and much, much more. This is all part of the highly personal and professional service which we provide to our candidates. Perhaps the one thing which separates us from many of other recruitment companies is that we treat you as a person with the respect that you deserve. You aren’t just a placement or a number to us. You are someone whom we care about and want to help fulfill your dream to live in New Zealand and help you make a brilliant career move which allows you to enjoy our world famous Kiwi Lifestyle.

Why Choose Us

New Zealand Lifestyle

Why Choose UsLife in New Zealand is the way it was always meant to be. This special country set deep in the South Pacific is renowned for its commitment to preserving the natural, untamed, unspoiled environment which attracts tens of thousands of overseas visitors each year. Its people are a true mix of cultures and are very open and genuinely welcoming. The cities are vibrant and dynamic and represent a true cultural mix without the specter of extreme ethnic or religious bias. And in the countryside, the wide-open, uncrowded spaces will truly amaze and inspire you.

Why Choose UsBy international standards New Zealand is a safe destination…so much so in fact that a growing number of people from all corners of the globe are choosing to settle here in the knowledge that they will enjoy freedom of speech, freedom of choice and freedom from the repercussions of political fallout and violence.

Why Choose UsHere the air is clean, the water flows clear and fresh and the lifestyle and recreational opportunities are as diverse as your imagination. New Zealand’s standard of housing is excellent and affordable. Our British-based education system is accessible to all, both state-funded and private. The cost of living is reasonable. Business and entrepreneurial opportunities abound. And Everywhere there is an air of positive expectation reminiscent of the Kiwi ‘can do’ attitude.



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