Working as a Radiologist in New Zealand

Most positions are full-time with an on-call component that often includes additional remuneration.

Our hospitals have the latest, state-of-the-art medical equipment and a varied case mix including local and regional, general and subspecialty work. A mix of general and subspecialty trained Radiologists work closely together within a supportive team culture that is a strength of the services offered. We are always seeking expressions of interest from Radiologists including those with subspecialty experience in obstetrics and gynaecology, abdominal, musculoskeletal, oncology, breast screening and emergency radiology.

Some roles include a close relationship with a tertiary school and for those who have an academic interest there may be the option of clinical role combined with a medical school post. Some Universities’ radiology departments have several ongoing, research projects including MARS spectral CT working closely with the NZ Brain Research Institute. While not all positions include the possibility of a split role between clinical and academic, multidisciplinary research themes mean that some clinical radiologists work with clinicians, engineers and scientists on select appointments. Most of our needs are with our public health care system. However, we also recruit for a privately held breast screening clinic that offers work both within the private and public health care sectors. These roles often do not have an on-call component that some Radiologists find attractive. This private breast screening clinic offers a truly dynamic, enthusiastic, colleagial, committed team of Radiologists who thrive on the energy of the team and saving peoples’ lives.

Your ability to work within a multi-disciplinary team with other medical professionals from around the world is important. Our indigenous Maori as well as Pasifika people and migrants from Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas makes for a truly diverse patient base to serve and support.

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Job Location : Alberta(CA), Auckland, Christchurch, Tauranga, Hamilton, Dunedin, Invercargill, Nelson, Hastings

Job Type : Fulltime

No. of Requirements : 20

New Zealand Registration

All overseas Radiologists will have their qualifications, training and examinations compared to that of a typical New Zealand or Australian medical graduate. The benchmark for overseas medical graduates to meet includes:
• Seven years’ total residency training;
• Two years’ general medical experience;
• Five years’ radiodiagnosis training;
• Three years’ general radiology training; and
• Two years’ systems focused rotations for advanced radiology training.

Your non-medical training will hopefully have included the following:
1) Team work;
2) Communication skills;
3) Patient support and advocacy;
4) Management and administrative skills;
5) Professionalism; and
6) Research and education.

It’s important that your training will have included all or most of the following:
a) Patient care and safety;
b) Report writing;
c) Key conditions in early training;
d) Applied imaging technology;
e) Radiological anatomy and normal variants;
f) Pathology;
g) Abdominal imaging;
h) Chest imaging;
i) Neuro imaging;
j) Head and neck imaging;
k) Musculoskeletal imaging;
l) Paediatric imaging;
m) Breast imaging;
n) Obstetric and gynaecological imaging; and/or
o) Vascular imaging and intervention.

Why New Zealand?

All full-time Radiologists in New Zealand in our public sector are entitled up to six weeks’ paid annual leave, 11 paid public holidays, 10 additional paid days off and up to NZ$16,000 for continuing medical education.Public sector Radiologists whom commit to a minimum of two years are also eligible for up to NZ$15,000 in reimbursed relocation related expenses. Private sector employers may not match the benefits that Radiologists receive in the public sector. Perhaps one of the most attractive aspects of living and working in New Zealand are our friendly people, slower pace of life, good work/life balance, temperate climate and lots of room to roam to explore our beautiful outdoors and landscapes (Kiwi Lifestyle).

While you may be able to earn more money where you now live and work you could find New Zealand a refreshing change from your current situation.

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