Calling all UK Psychiatrists and other Doctors

Having heard about the changes within NHS and that a number of UK Doctors are feeling disillusioned if not burned out from the constant churning within the UK health care system, I have been contemplating what is the best way to make UK Doctors aware of my recruitment services?

If you are a UK Doctor would you meet up with me in London if I came to the UK for one-on-one meetings?

UK Psychiatrists and other Doctors would find the level of stress to be less than what they currently have to deal with. The pace of life is a lot slower and the cost of living may compare quite favourably.

Doctors often don’t like to deal with paperwork and I am more than happy to fill out each Doctor’s registration application form and guide the Doctors as to what kind of information is required to apply for and receive the Doctor’s New Zealand vocational registration.

What kind of information would you as a UK Doctor like to have in order to decide whether or not you want to uproot you and others to move around the world?

Some of our biggest needs in New Zealand at the moment are for Psychiatrists, especially those who are skilled in working with adults on an inpatient basis.

Any ideas how best to reach out to UK Psychiatrists as well as Doctors in other specialties are welcome at this end.

New Zealand and our Kiwi Lifestyle are closer than you think!

Larry Beck, Director
“Matching people with their future”



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