Why Choose New Zealand?

Why New Zealand?

Job seekers often ask me why I chose to leave the US for New Zealand (NZ).  Definitely, the Kiwi Lifestyle is one reason but it’s the people themselves, or “Kiwis” as New Zealanders call themselves, that makes living and working in New Zealand so special.  Kiwis tend to be open, accepting, relaxed and easy to be with.  They have a certain light attitude about Life that makes them a joy to hang out with.

Another factor is that our politics are still relatively civil, fairly open and transparent with most of the power laying in the political centre rather than to the extreme right or left.

New Zealand reminds me of what the US was like in the 50s or 60s. People here are still nice and money isn’t our number one priority.

We enjoy catching up with family and friends, time outdoors, engaging in sports and other activities.

We take pride in enjoying a fairly good work-life balance compared to many other western countries.  For example, Doctors in the US often work 60 or more hours a week but in our public health care system they work around 45 hours per week, excluding after hours or weekend support that is shared on a rostered basis.  Clinical Psychologists don’t have to deal with insurance companies nor pay for malpractice insurance.

NZ is an easy sell for job seekers who have been here before.  If you’ve never been to NZ I suggest that you come here for a holiday to see for yourself just what a great place this is.  I’m happy to make suggestions of places to see and things to do based on your personal interests.

Speaking of our outdoors, the photo below was taken on the Summit Road in the Port Hills with Christchurch and our Southern Alps in the background.

Larry Beck



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