Let me introduce you to the Kiwi lifestyle

I’m Larry Beck from Align International Recruitment.  Originally from the US I immigrated to New Zealand January 2002 and am passionateabout living and working in New Zealand.  Why?  Because the people are friendly, open and accepting; our outdoors are beautiful; and our relaxed living (Kiwi lifestyle) is the best in the world.

I offer a wraparound, complete, turn-key service which has successfully placed medical and software professionals from 17 different countries not only in a new job, but in a whole new life.   Right now I am looking for psychiatrists, doctors in other specialties and clinical psychologists.

My service is unique in that I won’t just place you into a position.  I will also facilitate all aspects of your move to New Zealand including the dreaded paperwork.   Working with a leading immigration consultant helpsensure successfulvisa applications.  Plus,I have negotiated the Medical Council of New Zealand’s registration process many times.

Having lived here for so long I am able to offer interview tips, advice on things like banking,taxes, places to live and even pick you up at the airport if you’re coming to Christchurch.     I offer my service with a level of integrity that reflects this place I’ve come to call home,where there is a low level of corruption, egalitarian society and generally content and happy citizens. All of my services are free to you.


Is it getting a bit crowded in your corner of the world?  New Zealand is one of the few underpopulated countries left.

Looking for a less stressful place to live and work?  New Zealand is the place to be.

I match people with their future,including helping professionalslike you discover a better place to live and work.

Having been through the migration process myself I know how daunting the process can seem.  However, I will have your back all of the way to help make the entire process for you and your family as easy as possible.

What are you waiting for?

New Zealand and our Kiwi lifestyle are closer thank you think!

Larry will be exhibiting at the American Psychiatric Association’s Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia this May in the Careers Fair Section.



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