How a Recruiter can help Doctors

One of the most important decisions a job seeker will make regarding his or her career will be whether to apply for vacancies directly or team up with a recruiter.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both. For the sake of brevity I will focus on health care professionals such as Medical Doctors and Clinical Psychologists who are contemplating moving to another country.

For Doctors and Psychologists who want to live and work in New Zealand, for example, the advantages of teaming up with a recruiter far outweigh doing it on their own. Trying to navigate through the New Zealand vocational registration process for Doctors can be quite daunting.

The vocational registration process for Clinical Psychologists is fairly straight forward and most are able to apply for and receive their registration with minimal assistance.

However, the vocational registration process for Medical Doctors is “a different kettle of fish”, as we say down under. Some Doctors loathe paperwork and there is significant amount of paperwork involved for Doctors to apply for and receive their vocational registration in New Zealand. It’s not just completing the vocational registration application form. It’s also understanding what is required and gathering the required documents which can be challenging. Psychiatrists, for example, are required to summarise their residency training programme and examinations taken over the years. These summaries are best written in a letter format which is easy to understand by the Medical Council of New Zealand. We help our Doctors write their letters which saves them a lot of time.

You might also want to know that we are one of the few recruiters in New Zealand who know how to navigate through the registration process successfully.

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Larry Beck, Director
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