Associate Chiropractor or Osteopath Applied Kinesiology Homeopathic Treatments – AR-025

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:  AR-025

Associate Chiropractor or Osteopath Applied Kinesiology Homeopathic Treatments – AR-025

:  Christchurch
:  New Zealand
:  Chiropractor or Osteopath
Job Type
:  Associate Independent Practitioner
:  no
Start Date
:  negotiable

Title:                   Associate Chiropractor or Osteopath – Applied Kinesiology – Community Focussed

Where:               Christchurch, New Zealand

Registration:      Must have current NZ vocational registration or be eligible to receive your registration

Visa:                Must have NZ Citizenship or a Residency Visa.
Christchurch 30 years’ old, established, thriving and growing health clinic is looking for another currently board certified/registered/licensed chiropractor or osteopath to join their practice as an associate.

Health practitioners, who are part of this clinic, have a loyal set of clientele/patients who depend on them to apply some of the world’s leading and latest healing techniques which includes chiropractic adjustments but also kinesiology, homeopathic and related intuitive based healing principles.

Their use of applied kinesiology incorporates not only complex homeopathy and nutrition but also cranial work.  Patients whom tend to be attracted to these health practitioners often have structural issues, viral, fungal and/or parasitic infections, anxiety, depression and present other problems often related to stress in their day-to-day living.

Practitioners are often able to treat their clients/patients on not just the mental, emotional or physical level but on the soul and help patients shift into a healthier space.

Although not a large part of their practice, some patients come to the clinic for end-of-life treatments and to experience some peace before they pass

The focus of this community of health practitioners is very much on the patient will sharing best practices as part of a collegial group of professionals who truly work as a team but as independent contractors who, in exchange for sharing part of their fees, receive on-site training from the lead Doctor free of charge as well as ongoing supervision, monthly teachings of new learnings and developments, a properly equipped room, receptionist, scheduling support and filing of patient’s reports and documentation.

I personally have been a regular patient of this clinic since February 2001 and would have to say that this clinic is able to treat me on levels that no Doctors have ever done anywhere else in the world.  Some of their treating methodologies and tools are years ahead of mainstream medicine.  If you have ever watched Star Trek then you will have some inkling of what I am alluding do.

This position is ideally suited to someone who is keen to learn healing techniques which are ahead of the competition and wanting to be part of a fast-paced, busy clinic learning and growing with like-minded professionals who also have experienced the highs and lows of life.  The successful associate who wants to join this clinic can take feedback well, has a low ego sense, thrives in being of service to others, is open to learning new ways to effect healing with others and not afraid of being different.  You must have experienced some life shocks of your own, including challenges, losses, pain and disappointments in order to empathise with your patients.  Compassion while not judging others is critical to your ability to work with and heal others.

You must be able and willing to undergo background and credit checks, pay for your own relocation to Christchurch, be a self-motivated professional and a go-getter who is open to change.

You will be guaranteed a minimum income of NZ$80,000, after expenses and paying the clinic for their support and services, and could earn up to $150,000 per year once you are fully up and running on your own.  In fact, some of the clinicians earn $150,000 per year now while enjoying the flexibility that comes with being an independent health practitioner who would be handed clients to you in order to help you build up your own practice.

Clients belong to the Clinic and are often shared amongst the practitioners when they are away on annual leave.

A minimum commitment of two years is requested and if your ethos aligns closely with this clinic, why would you want to leave anyways?

The numbers of years’ experience is perhaps not as important as the life experiences you have had which would enrich your ability to empathise to and relate closely with your patients as you establish long-term relationship with your clients.


Reply with a copy of your CV in Word to get the ball rolling.

Thank you.

Kind regards



Larry Beck, Director

New Zealand:  +64 3 366 8779

Australia:  1800 750 4993

UK:  0800 058 8772

US/Canada:  1 800 511 6976

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