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:  #05-76


:  Invercargill
:  New Zealand
:  Clinical Psychology

primary requirements

  1. 1. Masters and PhD. In Psychology.
  2. 2. Must have completed at least five years of post-supervisory hands on community mental health service working with children, adolescents and their famlies.
  3. 3. Able to educate others informally, ie famlies and formally, eg students.
  4. 4. Possess a current, valid and clean driver’s licence.
  5. 5. Possess good assessment skills, sound knowledge of intervention options and the ability to implement these as a key worker.
  6. 6. Commitment to supervisory processes and audit.
  7. 7. Demonstrate a readiness to consult colleagues and be able to recognise limits of own competence and experience.
  8. 8. Registration with the NZ Psychologists Registration Board as a NZ clinical psychologist or has received a favourable outcome from the NZ Psychologists Registration Board non-binding initial assessment.
  9. 9. Current Practicing Certificate in your current country of residence.
  10. 10. Prior team lead and/or supervisory experience in a MH role.
  11. 11. Previous experience working in a multi disciplinary team desired.
  12. 12. Experience in the strategic and/or business planning and administrative management of a health service.
  13. 13. Possess a strong personal identity with an understanding of the importance of community mental health services.
  14. 14. Have a passion for improving the mental health status of clients.
  15. 15. Possess a strong focus on continuous quality improvement both personally and professionally.
  16. 16. Commitment towards ongoing education and professional development for self.
  17. 17. Effective communication skills, both verbal and written.
  18. 18. Good computer skills.
  19. 19. Good problem solving skills.
  20. 20. Ability to prioritise activities.
  21. 21. Effective interpersonal skills.
  22. 22. Ability to work as part of a team.
  23. 23. Ability to manage stress.
  24. 24. Sense of humour.
  25. 25. Able and willing to commit at least two years to our client.
  26. 26. Able and willing to apply for NZ residency with the intention of immigrating to NZ long term highly desired.

primary duties

  1. 1. Provide assessment and intervention where appropriate, to children, adolescents with mental health difficulties, and their family/whanau.
  2. 2. Provide services on an individual or group basis as appropriate.
  3. 3. Act as a case manager within the multi-disciplinary Child, Adolescent and Family Team.
  4. 4. Maintain up to date consumer records and adhere to administrative requirements of the service.
  5. 5. Ensure assessment findings, treatment plans and therapy sessions are documented.
  6. 6. Complete progress notes, letters to referrers and reports promptly meeting service and legal requirements.
  7. 7. Ensure statistics and other data are kept according to service requirements and returns forwarded punctually.
  8. 8. Meet regularly with team members for clinical case meetings ensuring consumer objectives are being met, and that clear documentation is being observed.
  9. 9. Have comprehensive knowledge of:
  10. 10. contemporary and diverse knowledge of mental illness, alcohol and drug addiction.
  11. 11. Recovery models.
  12. 12. Clinically safe and researched treatments.
  13. 13. Mental status and risk assessment.
  14. 14. Uses language and behaviour which consistently reflects and perpetuates the dignity of individuals with mental illness.
  15. 15. Practices in a culturally safe manner.
  16. 16. Understands concepts of Maori Health and well-being in relation to mental health care and work alongside the Maori Mental Health Adviser as appropriate.
  17. 17. Information and resources are shared, decision making is mutual for the common benefit of the consumer.
    (Consideration give to Health Information Code/Privacy Act).
  18. 18. Maintain close liaison with other health and related professions providing consultation, training and education where appropriate.
  19. 19.The knowledge of clinical psychology is effectively communicated to enhance sound decision-making.
  20. 20. Taking active part in such working parties as reasonable or appropriate.
  21. 21. Practice in a manner consistent with relevant statutes e.g. Privacy Act, 1993, CYPS Act 1989 etc., and protocols adapted by Southland District Health Board

other duties

  1. Purpose of the position: The Child, Adolescent and Family Service provides high quality appropriate individual assessment and treatment for referred clients and their families/caregivers.Team members are expected to work closely with consumers, family/whanau, and community groups in a supportive, educational and clinical role. Each team member will be accountable for the following measurable outcomes and will be appraised accordingly.

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