Specialist Psychiatrists (2) – Senior House Officers – Adults – Inpatient

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:  AR-020

Specialist Psychiatrists (2) – Senior House Officers – Adults – Inpatient

:  Hamilton
:  New Zealand
:  Psychiatry
Job Type
:  Permanent Direct Hire Full-Time
:  Yes!
Start Date
:  120 days from offer

Job Posting Number: AR-020
Job Title: Specialist Psychiatrist – Adults – Inpatient
Open to: All NZ and International Medical Doctors
Location: Hamilton, New Zealand
Job Type: Permanent, Full-Time
Relocation: Yes, a package will be offered to the successful candidate
Base Salary: $150,000 to $200,000 DOE/DOQ
Start Date: Within 120 days after offer acceptance
Work Status: Work Visa fairly easy to obtain with job offer – if in good health and not obese

Live close enough to Auckland to take advantage of its cultural diversity and happenings without having to deal with the Auckland traffic and high cost of housing where Hamilton is secret that is now being discovered by many.

Be part of a team of mental health workers, including other Psychiatrists, who truly form a colleagial environment where you will be respected and valued for your expertise and know-how. You will find your colleagues to be personable, open, friendly, honest, inclusive and always striving to provide service excellence to others. Bullies will not be tolerated in this organisation. 

You will provide psychiatrist services as part of a multi-disciplinary team to consumers of the Adult Mental Health Service which could at times include in-home service as well as in the hospital. You will participate in service leadership and development activities as well as supervise, support and mentor trainees, registrars, peers and others as a Senior Medical Officer in Psychiatry.

Advantages of Working in NZ as a Psychiatrist:
 While you may be able to earn more money in countries like the US and the UK, you won’t find a better place to live than New Zealand;
 Our Kiwi Lifestyle is the best in the world;
 NZ is an excellent place to raise a family;
 Our outdoors are stunningly beautiful offering world class beaches as well as snow-capped mountain peaks from subtropical to temperate forests;
 Our climate is known for being relatively mild, ie not too hot in the summer and not too cold in the winter;
 Kiwis, or New Zealanders, are open, friendly and accepting people. Here were are still nice and polite to each other;
 It rarely rains day after day in New Zealand unless you’re in Fiordland National Park;
 Your day-to-day work as a Psychiatrist would be so different from in the US or the UK as you won’t be required to see a new patient every 30 minutes;
 Malpractice insurance is under $2,000 per year and the full cost would be reimbursed by your future NZ employer; and
 Working in NZ as a Psychiatrist is way less stressful than in the US or the UK.

Primary Requirements Include:
a) At least two years’ board certified/registered/licensed experience currently registered where you now live and work;
b) Have worked with adults before and are open to working in an inpatient unit;
c) Have worked at least 30-40 hours a week for the past four years;
d) Able to receive your New Zealand vocational registration;
e) Able to get a work visa;
f) Must have completed your specialist training;
g) Have an interest in developing teaching opportunities which are encouraged by the University of Otago School of Medicine;
h) Excellent English and communications skills;
i) Good team oriented skills;
j) Good sense of humour;
k) Clear practice record with no malpractice suits or complaints; and
l) Able and willing to stay for at least 2-3 years for a permanent, direct hire position.
We will assist the successful candidate in applying for and receiving their NZ vocational registration and direct you to a NZ registered Immigration Consultant to advise you on how to successfully apply for your work visa.

A position description is available upon request.

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