International practitioners – What does it take to practice psychology abroad?

While American-trained psychologists tend to be in high demand for overseas academic jobs, finding work as a clinician can prove more challenging, even for natives who get their degree in the United States and want to return home to practice. […]

Posted On : January 11, 2018

How a Recruiter can help Doctors

One of the most important decisions a job seeker will make regarding his or her career will be whether to apply for vacancies directly or team up with a recruiter. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. For the sake […]

Posted On : May 5, 2016

Why professionals want to migrate to New Zealand

Contemplating giving up your job, family, friends and all that is familiar to move half-way around the world is a big ask for anyone. Yet, as you will hear in the interview broadcasted across New Zealand on Sunday, 17 April […]

Posted On : May 1, 2016

Calling all UK Psychiatrists and other Doctors

Having heard about the changes within NHS and that a number of UK Doctors are feeling disillusioned if not burned out from the constant churning within the UK health care system, I have been contemplating what is the best way […]

Posted On : April 26, 2016

Getting personal

The photo was taken in April 2014 of Dr Leonardo Sauaia, a Brazilian educated and trained Psychiatrist, his partner who is a psychologist, and their two children, after landing in Dunedin, New Zealand after a long journey from Sao Paulo, […]

Posted On : April 25, 2016

Just a little bragging

Pardon me as a I do a little bragging.  (Wink) We all need some acknowledgement from time to time and here is just one testimonial out of many that are on my LinkedIn profile which you can read for yourself […]

Posted On : April 22, 2016

How to find a good recruiter

Are you wanting a new adventure in your life by living and working in another country?  If yes, then it may be worth your time and effort to find yourself a good recruiter who can advise you on every step […]

Posted On : April 13, 2016

Why Choose New Zealand?

Why New Zealand? Job seekers often ask me why I chose to leave the US for New Zealand (NZ).  Definitely, the Kiwi Lifestyle is one reason but it’s the people themselves, or “Kiwis” as New Zealanders call themselves, that makes […]

Posted On : April 6, 2016

Let me introduce you to the Kiwi lifestyle

I’m Larry Beck from Align International Recruitment.  Originally from the US I immigrated to New Zealand January 2002 and am passionateabout living and working in New Zealand.  Why?  Because the people are friendly, open and accepting; our outdoors are beautiful; […]

Posted On : March 29, 2016

Press Release

New Zealand is the most socially advanced nation in the world, according to a new global index published today.New Zealand topped the Social Progress Index (SPI) of 132 countries ranked on social and environmental performance by the US-based nonprofit, the […]

Posted On : April 11, 2014



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